We want to put FREE DEVOLVER ALBUMS and stickers in your capable hands. So the next time you run into a friend, the next time you are at a show in your home music venue, YOU can give them the gift of music to discover!

Even with the power of social media, radio, and advertising we STILL believe in the POWER of people.. And that a personal conversation from one person to another is STILL the most powerful marketing tool of all. So, as an act of good faith we are asking potential street-team members to perform one simple task to prove they have what it takes...

Here is what we are asking you to do to qualify for the street team and receive up to 5 free YOTL albums and stickers:

Step 1: Invite all of your Facebook friends to like our Year of the Locust Facebook page.

This process takes less than 5 minutes. It's surprisingly simple to do. Here is how:

Open a web browser using Google chrome, type chrome://extensions/  in the search bar.

Once there, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "get more extensions."

Then, type "Invite All" in the search box.

On the next page scroll down to "Invite all friends on facebook." Click on the "Add to chrome" box.

Lastly, go to our fb page. Click on "invite friends to like this page." Then, scroll to the upper right hand corner of your screen and click the checkmark. You're done! In a moment you will get a "congratulations" box on your screen.

Step 2: Take a screenshot or camera phone pic of the "Congratulations, you have invited your friends to like this page" to prove it. Then, send it to us via email. Please include your mailing address and how many YOTL albums you would like to receive (up to 5)



  • Discounted/Free/Early admittance to YOTL shows! See soundchecks and behind the scenes!
  • Your very own STREET TEAM tour lanyard
  • Be the FIRST to hear upcoming releases/ get advanced copies
  • Access passwords to see music videos pre- release date
  • Purchase YOTL merchandise at cost
  • Receive an exclusive STREET TEAM T-shirt!!

When you you are accepted to the street team you will receive an invite to a closed Fb group where you will receive your codes and special offers and communicate with other street team members.

We look forward to working with you! Together we can keep rock alive and spread the word of YOTL!!