New York’s Year of the Locust is doing things the old fashioned way. Rather than relying on false accolades and manufactured hype, the band has taken their furious live show and stellar songwriting to the masses directly. Extensive touring throughout the country has endeared the band to fans and peers alike. Their new single, “Stay Alive,” is a redemption song; ‘when you're thinking of giving up... it's just the best time to turn it up’ says vocalist Scotty Mac about the new single. It features guest appearances from Tesla drummer Troy Luccketta, Ex-Florida Georgia Line guitarist Brian Bonds, and was produced by Brett Hestla of Dark new Day fame.

    YOTL has toured all 48 continental states and Canada, whilst living in their beloved P-90 bus, "Gertrude." The sound has evolved to fill the void left wide open by a world flooded with heavy-screaming bands or limp rock. With pounding riffage and lyrics steeped with reflection, substance is apparent. "Music shadows our moods, sometimes you need to reflect, and sometimes you need to pump your fist and pound a beer." Creating the sound that is missing from everyone's music collection is key to the operation, while not "buying into" or altering the sound to fit into the genres (and subgenres) at large.

  They've recently been added to 65,000 AMI jukeboxes nationwide and joined The Label Group's roster. The band plans to release more music videos and hit the road again soon.

YOTL is: Scotty Mac (Lead Vox), Fred Sorrow (Bass), and Dusty Winterrowd (Drums).

YOTL has toured North America with the following bands: Jake E. Lee and the Red Dragon Cartel, Saliva, Puddle of Mudd, Tantric, Saving Abel, Devour the Day, Sons of Texas, Starset, Palisades, and most recently on the SHOCK AMERICA tour with Tesla. They have shared the stage with Trapt, Hoobastank, Candlebox and countless others.