YOTL has taken to the radio waves!!

TOGETHER we can get MORE spins, and MORE plays, and MORE stations!

This is the most important thing The Swarm could ever do. CALL the stations and say "Play Stay Alive from Year of the Locust!

You can also find the request contacts on the radio stations websites and email them everyday.

Lets say YOTL is getting played 2 times per day on a station.

Requests can increase that # up to 7 TIMES A DAY!

This pushes us up the charts

and helps reach even MORE fans!

If your station in your state isn't playing yotl... You can by all means

contact YOUR home station and request YOTL!

We are up for consideration in ALL of the radio station's databases! 

So, your daily requests could very well get us played on YOUR

hometown station! 

And don't forget, Satellite Radio is right around the corner! 

Let's take over FM so the powers that be have 

no choice but to spin more YOTL!



YEAR OF THE LOCUST has launched a Patreon! Support us and join our journey!! 

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